Mrs. Wyatt 3F
Lady BugLundy Mountain Lions, welcome to the 3rd grade.  I graduated from Andress High School by way of Bradley Elementary and H.E. Charles Middle School in El Paso, TX.  I received a Multidisciplinary Studies Degree from Texas Tech University with an emphasis on Natural Science.  I am GT certified and I have taught for 14 years.

My mission is to ensure that every student feels they can be successful.  I believe that "fair" does not mean doing the same thing for all students, it means meeting the needs of each student.  Each child will be challenged to work to their potential and strive to go beyond.  I believe it is important to teach children how to think on many different levels and take that skill with them when they move forward.  Every child will come to class knowing that they are important, special, and have something to offer the class.  My classroom is a safe environment where students are free to try, share, and achieve excellence in every endeavor.