Counselor-Jacqueline Derrick

From Our Counselor, Mrs. Jacqueline Derrick

At Lundy Elementary we address the social and emotional needs of our students in a very proactive manner utilizing the following activities, programs, and incentives.

This year our district is placing an emphasis on Social Emotional Learning with the implementation of support programs and activities.

Core Essentials - This is a "theme" based program that adds additional support for teachers and students through guidance activities promoting good character through "Word of The Month".  These core essentials encourage appropriate behavior for social and emotional development

"Morning Meetings" - This is an activity that is being promoted on the elementary campuses in which students meet to share their thoughts and opinions with their classmates and teachers through regularly scheduled guided topics that may include academic questions as a prompt.

College and Career – Bulletin boards, university map of Lundy college graduates, banners and pennants are displayed throughout the year.  Each class adopts a university to research and promote through displays in and/or outside their classroom.  Information is posted and distributed to parents about college and college programs.  Each Monday is “college spirit day” in which all students, faculty, and staff wear a college shirt of their choosing.  Kinder, 1st, and 2nd grades are provided a brown paper sack in which to take home to decorate as a puppet depicting a specific career, i.e. teacher, nurse, doctor, veterinarian, engineer, policeman, fire-fighter, etc… and a discussion activity to complete with their parents on this topic. Upon returning with their puppets, these students march through the halls chanting “we are the career parade”.  A campus-wide career dress day is held as well as parent and community guest speakers who share aspects about their careers.

Family Activities – The school year starts with a “Hero’s” breakfast where military families mingle and get to know each other.  Each nine weeks such gatherings are held either before or after school to provide any information needed or requested from the parents and activities and games for their children on dealing with separation and transition. These presentations and discussion have included internet safety, bullying, and cyberbullying.


Proactive Student Leadership Groups:

            Safety Patrol – promotes leadership, appropriate social skills,

            conflict resolution skills.

            Student Body Government – Promotes leadership skills,

            encourages positive activities and incentives for “good works”.

            --open to all 4th and 5th grades          

            Paw Pals –  leadership group designed to practice and

            participate in an enjoyable and social environment by being a

            “stander upper” for students experiencing teasing or being left

            out and providing a good example of what it means to be a

            --open to all grades

            Homework Club - 5th grade peer tutors help all grades after school
            in the Counselor's office.

            Green Team – Promotes leadership in protecting and enhancing

            the environment while promoting cooperation and

            collaboration skills, as well as camaraderie.


It is our mission to provide children a safe and productive experience when attending school and beyond.