Ibanez, Patricia-Librarian/Media Specialist
My name is Patricia Ibañez, and I received my B.A. from UTEP.  I am certified to teach Kinder through 12 grade in high school.  I later received by M.S. from North Texas for Library and Information Sciences.  I have worked for EPISD for 22 years.  I opened the library and have worked hard in maintaining and updating the library.

Welcome to the Lundy Library website. Reading opens a wonderful world for your child! Reading with your children not only helps with their educational development, but increases their sense of security and self-confidence by creating a strong emotional bond with you.  Read with your child for 20 minutes every day.  Discuss the title, the front cover and make predictions before reading the book.  While reading, ask the child what they think might happen next.  After reading discuss any changes the characters underwent throughout the story, the ending of the story, and how they would want an alternate ending to be.  Together, we can achieve school-wide literacy and create incredible students.


Check out guidelines

  • Students must have a two gallon-sized Ziploc in which to carry books in order for the books to stay clean.  Please provide one.
  • Kinder can check out 1 book beginning in January, but books must stay in the classroom.
  • First Grade can check out 2 books.The teacher determines when books can start going home.
  • Second grade checks out 2 items.
  • Third grade, fourth grade, and fifth grades checks out 3 items.
  • Magazines: 3rd- 5th grades can check out one magazine if allowed by the teacher, but they are due in 3 days time.


Shelf Elf Guidelines
1.   Use a shelf marker.
2.   Return books when they are due.
3.   Keep books clean.
4.   Use a bookmark to save your place.
5.   Turn the pages with great care and from the top or bottom corner.
6.   Keep books safe from little ones and pets.
7.   Always use your quiet voice.
8.   Use your walking feet.


Come in to see me about setting up a library account.  You can check out three books to read to your children at home! Parents need to provide their own Ziploc bag when checking out books.

*Only the person on the account can check out books on said account.  Children cannot check out books under parent account and vice-versa.